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Daigo + Akihide + Shinpei
Translation of Daigo's Blog (August 9, 2008) 
9th-Aug-2008 10:07 am
Nino noms
12:07 pm -
Yesterday was the BEST!!

Yah~ yesterday was officially AWESOME ♪

I'll never forget the view from the stage as long as I live.

We're really BREAKERZ cause everyone's there for us, so please continue to support us from now on too!

Which brings me to today: Grandpa's home town!

To Shimane~

I've COMMMMEEEE---! (TN: He's kinda playing off a popular catch-phrase of this one comedian, who always goes "KITAAAA!")

Well collaborating with my grandpa turned out really well, so I'm really glad we could so a live in Shimane!

I'm gonna have crazy fun ヽ(´▽`)/

And today is Shimura Doubutsuen!

Everyone can see Pen-pen~~!

Certainly~ look forward to it~♪

Squeak squeak (●´∀`●)/


9:35 pm -
The Shimane live is over~

Yah~ the Shimane live was freakin' hot! Over 5000 people came!

Since lots of people came, I was able to make lots of great memories of my grandpa's beloved hometown!

Thanks to everyone who came!

The live under the big sky was amazing and felt great, so I think that Grandpa was also watching from above.

I wanna do another live in Shimane ♪

Also today was with Pen-pen.

I bet it was really full of highlights.



So later on today should I post a two-shot with Pen-pen?

Does everyone wanna see~?

If everyone's offers aren't half-assed I'll post it (・∀・)ノ

Squeak squeak (●´∀`●)/


11:18 pm -
2-shot with Pen-pen

Everyone's offers weren't half-assed so....

Here's a 2-shot with Pen-pen----!

Pen-pen's sooooo freakin' cute ヽ(´▽`)/

Yah, thanks to Pen-pen I've learned a lot~!

Wearing an apron for the first time in a while~

Soon I'll be able to feed him 3 ground mackerel!

I bet there isn't another rocker who can grind mackerel

Time with Pen-pen is really fun, you know ♪


I'm gonna do my best to become a better papa (・∀・)ノ

Check again next week!

And tomorrow is Odaiba Adventure King!

There's gonna be a recording of DAI-ankichijitsu and I'll be singing with BREAKERZ so look forward to it!

Squeak squeak (●´∀`●)/

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